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The Ignác Stuchlý Museum in Fryšták commemorates the life of the first Czech Salesian and his spiritual legacy. It was founded in 2008 with the financial support of the town of Fryšták.

From dead cassock to living legacy

The exposition has three parts:

1. personal items

2. historical-biographical part

3. spiritual profile

From the “dead cleric” through the individual life stages the visitors come to a “living spiritual profile” of the character of Ignác Stuchlý. What anyone can take from here is the desire to follow Ignác Stuchlý in some of his features of holiness.

For those interested in deeper studies, a computer is available in the corner of the room, where other written documents, photos or other records of this important person of the Czech Salesian work are collected.

Visitors can also buy souvenirs commemorating Ignác Stuchlý in the museum.

Museum in TV

The Ignác Stuchlý museum in Christian Magazine (Křesťanský magazín).

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Opening hours

The museum has no fixed opening hours.

Visitors can contact the parish priest Josef Brtník (+420 604 627 533) or the reception of the salesians house (+420 577 911 065) and arrange a tour personally with one of the Salesians.


P. I. Stuchlého 25

763 16  Fryšták

The tomb of Ignác Stuchlý is also close to the museum.